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Meet Hyxos

Take your operations to the next level with a unique cyber-secured Hydrogen Energy Management System ensuring operational and economic efficiency of your infrastructure.


  • Digital Twins (infrastructure assets as well as hydrogen vehicle) with flexible schema
  • Time series data flow from various sources (SCADA server from onsite equipment, sensors, third parties through API, etc.)
  • Contractual commitments of hydrogen ecosystems (electricity sourcing, hydrogen offtakers, etc.)

Monitor and alert

  • Concentrate data in a dedicated Time-Series oriented Database
  • Access easily data lake with API-first approach 
  • Visualize data with user friendly configurable dashboards
  • Real time SCADA for data visualization and alerting


  • Schedule asset planning with the operator inputs or recommendation based on Hyxos’ optimizations
  • Control in real time assets either through manual dispatch setpoints or schedule 
  • Leverage local controller to dispatch your assets locally based on local logic like frequency regulation
  • Manage and keep track of maintenance interventions on assets to anticipate infrastructure unavailability impacting your clients
  • Simulate in real time theoretical hydrogen flows to detect anomalies and take preventive actions


  • Leverage graph optimization to design your ecosystem and define the optimal asset planning based on a variety of constraints (economics, contract commitment, carbon intensity)
  • Automate your asset scheduling based on optimization outputs
  • Ensure continuity of service with smart hydrogen provisioning


  • Access Business Intelligence tools to manipulate data and extract valuable insights
  • Configure financial, operational and environmental dashboards
  • Generate reports and send them automatically at your preferred cadency
  • Measure continuously KPIs to keep track of your all your costs and your asset performance
  • Validate the compliance of your assets’ performance
  • Integrate easily with third party for green hydrogen certification

Ready to get started