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Data-Driven Platform

The launchpad
for robust, secured
and efficient H2 related ecosystems

Hydrogen sector is changing at speed. With Hyxos Platform, industry players design and operate their infrastructures. They are leveraging a unique technology to improve their operation efficiency and robustness.

Reconcile industrial automation and internet technologies to operate assets the  right way

The Hyxos Platform is a convergence of a deep expertise in the energy sector, industrial automation, SCADA, data engineering and artificial intelligence (AI). This is a unique data backbone embedding all required layers to manage data through its entire journey, from equipment to business applications.

3 layers to turn your infrastructure smart

Core Characteristics

Data Driven

Datalake easily accessible and queryable, fortified with replication feature to ensure your valuable data is never lost. With lightning-fast real-time data collection capabilities of up to 10,000 points per second, the platform is tailor-made for time-series data, guaranteeing the most reliable results for all your business needs.


Secured by design with latest cybersecurity measures, including MFA, token-based authentication, and role-based access control, our robust and resilient infrastructure undergoes regular cybersecurity audits to ensure maximum security and peace of mind.

Modular Services

The platform is designed to handle structured and non-structured data schemas, modular digital twins, third-party services, and multiple SCADA protocols with ease, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that optimize your operations. Additionally, our Rest and GraphQL API allow you to build customizable on-top apps that suit your specific needs.

Cost Competitive & Fast Asset Integration

Our platform is a cost-competitive solutions for our customers. We prioritize continuous improvement to optimize resource utilization and pass on cost savings to our clients. Our SaaS business model with off-the-shelf platform enables you to speed up your time to market, reduce internal development cost and let you focus on the monetization of your assets!

Our products


Take your operations to the next level with Hyxos Operations through the creation of digital twins, real time monitoring, optimization and control. Unlock the power of data-driven reporting and gain invaluable insights to drive your business forward.



Streamline your investment decision-making process with Hyxos Sizing. Rely on its advanced optimization models to simulate optimal energy flows and assess anticipated KPIs for your future infrastructures.



Anticipate your infrastructure's performance with Hyxos Simulation. Leverage its physical data modeling to seamlessly evaluate and replicate energy flows in any asset of your value chain, granting you invaluable insights into your infrastructure design