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Hyxos provides a comprehensive product suite to hydrogen industry players. From project design to real time operations, Hyxos offers a unique Hydrogen Energy Managements System providing solutions across the exhaustive hydrogen value chain from electricity sourcing to hydrogen offtakes.

Hyxos Hydrogen Management System

Data Lake

Consolidate all data from industrial assets, third party applications, sensors, equipment, etc. into a single data lake to set up a robust data infrastructure. This tech backbone is the source of truth, easily interoperable with third party services via modern APIs, enabling asset operators to build on top business applications and avoid data connectivity siloed effort.

Off-grid renewable powered H2 production

Hyxos Operation offers a comprehensive Hydrogen Energy Management System, enabling operators of off-grid hydrogen projects to efficiently monitor, manage, and dispatch their assets. This platform seamlessly integrates power infrastructures, including renewables and batteries, with hydrogen assets to ensure the smooth operation of complex islanded projects.

Grid connected large-scale H2 production

Harnessing edge computing capabilities of Hyxos controllers, operators of hydrogen assets can unlock additional value by providing ancillary services to the power grid. This extra revenue, generated from frequency regulation services, can significantly enhance the economic viability of projects.

Green hydrogen tracking

By centralizing energy flows across their infrastructures, Hyxos clients gain access to a robust and user-friendly data lake. This allows them to calculate carbon intensity in real-time, forecast green certificate entitlements, and ensures long-term compliance with evolving regulations, including various computation rules and methodologies (data validation, temporality requirements, specific emissions factor, etc).

Grid balancing with electrolyser

Hyxos provides a turnkey platform for operators of grid-connected hydrogen infrastructures. By leveraging Hyxos technology and its core features, project developers can not only monitor real-time electricity supply from the grid but also track various renewable PPA contracts. This platform enables them to manage all energy flows and fulfill their contractual commitments to offtakers, ensuring uninterrupted service while producing cost-competitive hydrogen through Hyxos Optimization.

Hydrogen Refueling Station Management

Hyxos offers a unique solution to manage end-to-end energy flow within mobility infrastructures and refueling stations. By supporting industrial protocols for equipment data collection and consolidating data from third-party sources (such as hydrogen planning from offtakers and maintenance), hydrogen distribution operators have a robust foundation to efficiently operate their refueling station portfolios with confidence and security. Ensuring continuity of service for hydrogen mobility offtakers is a top priority, and Hyxos provides contractual engagement enforcement to help operators anticipate service disruptions and take proactive measures.

H2 transportation optimization

With comprehensive energy flow tracking and the ability to anticipate demand and H2 shortages, Hyxos provides a versatile platform to monitor hydrogen tube trailers and forecast molecule deliveries. Leveraging optimization capabilities, Hyxos optimizes the most efficient routes for tube trailers, ensuring hydrogen is transported from production points to consumption points with maximum efficiency.

Optimal hydrogen ecosystem design

Hyxos Sizing and Simulation empowers engineering firms, project developers, and business development teams to design their hydrogen ecosystems effectively. It simulates and optimizes energy flows to identify the ideal sizing of core components, enabling the production of competitive hydrogen while adhering to contractual and technical constraints. This tool accelerates business development by quickly assessing project feasibility and conducting sensitivity analyses.

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Design optimally of your complex hydrogen ecosystems and commit to a cost competitive & low carbon molecule delivery.



Operate H2 infrastructures with operational and economic efficiency, and ensure uninterrupted delivery of hydrogen to off-takers.



Simulate theoretical hydrogen flows across your infrastructure to detect anomalies and anticipate service interruptions.